Monday, 28 December 2009

Dec 2009 - Progress Report

The autumn months have witnessed volunteers focus on assistance with restoration work on 143 and several LTT events but the onset of winter has allowed work to resume on the Railcoach.

Both cabs are now stripped down awaiting the Trailer towing car steel cab underframes to be cut-off. On the body sides, the flush mounted glazing panels have all been removed and the window frames have now been cleaned up ready for painting. The lower framework has been treated to a coat of red oxide and the steelwork de-rusted and painted.

Above the window line, the flat mouldings have also been removed and the panels cleaned up ready for the original style mouldings to be refitted.

Monday, 21 December 2009

June 2009 - Cab Stripped off

The cab ends have been stripped down to their frame and the No.2 end framework has been removed completely. There is, however, a mass of cables and wires to identify before the controllers can be removed.

In the interim, work has started on removing the side panelling.

April 2009 - 679 moves for restoration

679 was moved from Rigby Road depot to the LTT's Brinwell Road premises on the morning of Saturday 25th April. 679 was acquired by the LTT in October 2008 for restoration back to a streamlined English Electric Railcoach.

New pointed end cab underframes will be fitted and a steel framed streamlined end (similar to those fitted to refurbished Balloon cars). Original style glazing, half-drop windows and swingover seats will also be fitted as part of the restoration. Work will be completed in time for "279" to return to the tramway in 2010 for the 125th anniversary year.

Nov 2008 - 679's final tour

679 made a farewell outing on the tramway on Saturday 29th November on a specially commissioned tour with Coronation car 304, prior to restoration to a genuine EE Railcoach.
In freezing fog, 679 operated Tower to Thornton Gate with 304 allowing enthusiasts to swap vehicles. Bus 529 from the LTT collection also shadowed the tram shuttle, allowing unique photograph opportunities.
Unfortunately, a problem with the trolley head on 304 prevented it's last trip to Fleetwood but 679 and bus 529 coped with the 84 tour participants.

Oct 2008 - 679 secured for preservation

English Electric Railcoach 679 (orginally number 279 until 1968) has been secured for preservation by the LTT. It becomes the first of the once 45-strong class to be preserved and with the intention of rebuilding the tram to its original streamlined appearance with pointed ends. This design vanished from the Blackpool scene back in 1974 and car 679 is one of ten that were rebuilt for trailer towing in 1960/1.

The tram has been 'mothballed' since 2004 but remains in operational condition. It is hoped to restore the tram in time for the car to operate at the 125th anniversary celebrations in 2010.